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1. Fracking Challenge Leads to $3M Jury Verdict (courthousenews.com)    
     DALLAS (CN) - A Texas jury awarded a family approximately $3 million in what is believed to be the first verdict... more  
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2. Police chief: Gun law packs dangers (rss.cnn.com)    
Norcross, Georgia, Chief of Police Warren Summers says the new state law that allows guns in bars, churches and schools will have unintended... more  
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3. Police post video of woman taking toy duck from child’s grave on Easter; now a suspect has been ID’d (abajournal.com)    
After toys left on a child's grave in Ohio repeatedly disappeared, police in Ontario put up a hidden camera. On Easter Sunday, it captured images... more  
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4. Prison inmate who broke out to flee ‘very noisy’ rap music sentenced to 10 extra months (abajournal.com)    
A 58-year-old man serving six-and-a-half years in a minimum security prison in England for robbery says he climbed a wall and escaped because... more  
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5. Murder defendant’s claim of ‘secret signal’ launches unusual ethics probe against DA (abajournal.com)    
For 25 years, says Multnomah County District Attorney Rod Underhill, he has asked complaining witnesses in criminal cases whether they can identify... more  
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6. Car-Part Maker Faces $19M Price-Fixing Fine (courthousenews.com)    
     CINCINATTI - A company has agreed to pay a $19.9 million fine for conspiring to fix the prices of mechanisms installed... more  
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7. 2nd Circuit revives racketeer suit against tobacco company, says RICO law covers conduct outside US (abajournal.com)    
A trial judge should not have dismissed a racketeering lawsuit in which 26 foreign countries accuse a major U.S. tobacco company of involvement... more  
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8. Store with ‘Wake the——Up’ coffee can’t fire worker for explicit chat without warning, says judge (abajournal.com)    
There's reportedly a sign at Last Chance Market restaurant that reads: "Shirts and shoes are required, but bras and panties are optional." Nevertheless,... more  
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9. Want to unsend that email? Two Harvard law students offer a way to do it (abajournal.com)    
Ever wished you could unsend an email? It's now possible, and text of an email that's already been sent can even be edited under some circumstances.... more  
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10. Press Must Divulge NYPD Whistle-Blower Material (courthousenews.com)    
     MANHATTAN (CN) - Reporter's privilege does not shield a New York City police officer's account of his forcible... more  
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