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1. Convicted Murderer Still Has Miranda Rights Case (courthousenews.com)    
     (CN) - A man convicted twice for the same murder can sue the Ventura County Sheriff's Department for failing to... more  
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2. More suspects at large in kidnapping of prosecutor’s dad, federal prosecutor says (abajournal.com)    
Five individuals facing charges, along with an imprisoned reputed gang leader, in the kidnapping of a North Carolina prosecutor's father will... more  
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3. Marine Assault Case Revived in 9th Circuit (courthousenews.com)    
     (CN) - The government may yet face allegations that the Marine Corps let a known sex offender volunteer at a middle... more  
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4. Man in YouTube video of US Supreme Court protest gets time served, is banned for a year (abajournal.com)    
A Los Angeles man whose disruption of a U.S. Supreme Court hearing earlier this year was posted in a grainy YouTube video took a plea on Tuesday... more  
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5. NH Cities Stumble in Great Bay Estuary Spat (courthousenews.com)    
     (CN) - Three New Hampshire cities failed to repair unsuccessful claims regarding the inclusion of the Great Bay... more  
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6. Rape defendant wins mistrial after prosecutor’s claim that he tried to run her down is disproven (abajournal.com)    
William Payne was jailed without bail for seven days after a prosecutor claimed he nearly ran her down while driving outside the Buffalo, N.Y.,... more  
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7. Rare ‘Perry Mason’ moment in court wins dismissal for defendant, desk duty for 5 police officers (abajournal.com)    
A seemingly routine suppression hearing in a suburban Chicago courthouse last month took an unexpected dramatic turn when video from a police... more  
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8. Cartoon Poll: Which American Eagle caption fits best? (abajournal.com)    
We received more than 150 submissions to our legal-themed caption contest this month—a surprising number of which expressed dismay at... more  
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9. Lummi Tribe's Fishing Case Faces Off in the 9th (courthousenews.com)    
     SEATTLE (CN) - A decades-old fight over tribal fishing rights went for another round as the Lummi Nation told... more  
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10. Couple stole car, drove it to courthouse to get to hearing, police say (abajournal.com)    
Needing transportation to a neighboring county for a court hearing, a California couple stole a car from a Redding auto dealership, authorities... more  
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